Gentle skincare for even the most sensitive skin!

We specialise in gentle skincare products that are kind to sensitive skin, and know how hard it can be to find suitable products based on our own experiences with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. More and more of our pampering products contain allergen-free fragrances (and of course there are fragrance-free options) that do not irritate the skin. You will be able to check for potential allergens on each product page, and we are very happy to help you figure out the best products for you. 

The Beginning…

Soakind’s story begins in 2019. One of the characters in a favourite soap opera had made soap for some friends, and it looked like a fun hobby. Being on maternity leave I decided I would take up soaping as a hobby, as well as making bath bombs for my son’s birthday party. After some research, my first attempts at making soap and bath bombs for the family and friends were met with approval with a request for more! Little did I know where this ‘hobby’ would take me and how much I learnt about ingredients that catered for sensitive, allergen-prone skin…

Sensitive Skin

I myself have sensitive skin, many allergies and eczema, and I’ve struggled for years to find products that are kind enough to my skin. I therefore set myself the challenge of creating a range of soaps and other skincare products that not only looked gorgeous, but were all made of gentle ingredients and therefore super-kind to the skin.

Since then, I have studied all the various components of soap, balms and lotions, and have learnt so much about different designs and techniques, as well as the different health benefits of different ingredients. And – fascinatingly – the legality of producing skincare products. Before I made my own products I was blissfully unaware of the necessity of having each product legally assessed by a chemist to be able to sell (and even give away for free) legally!

Would you rub any old chemicals or compounds into your skin? I know I wouldn’t. And surprisingly, a lot of high street stores’ products aren’t actually as kind as you think they are. Did you know the difference between SLS and SLSa? No? Neither did I, and I always wondered why I could never enjoy a relaxing bath using shop bought bath bombs… now I can! And not just me, of course. I have three little people here at home who are brilliant, and brutal, testers of all my products. So rest assured, not only have all of Soakind’s products gone through legal testing, they have also been approved by family and friends before they appear on the website.

It’s important not to buy or sell any products that haven’t been legally assessed and approved for sale as a bath-product, especially from a small business. All of our products have been thoroughly tested and assessed, and come with batch numbers and full lists of ingredients and allergens.


Today, we are a thriving business, with many repeat customers, drawn back to our products for their beauty, their natural ingredients, and of course their focus on sensitive skin.
We have won multiple awards for our top-quality soaps, including three international soap challenge awards.
Customers return to us and our products, because they know that they can trust them – plus they look gorgeous, and are loved by everyone from kids to grandparents!