Artisan Soap

Call us biased but there simply is no better soap than an artisan handmade bar of soap! Of course, these come in a great range of designs, fragrances and base ingredients. Our focus is on gentle skincare that is perfect for ideal skin - if you often struggle with fragranced skincare products, look out for the 'allergen-free' symbol, or choose a fragrance-free option.

Please note that all our soaps are made from scratch and poured in small batches. Whilst we have specific designs, the exact look will be unique for every batch.

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Our gentle range

This uses high quality safflower oil as its main ingredient making it an absolutely top class bar of soap that is super mild, gentle and moisturising whilst not compromising on bubbles and fragrance!

Our fruity range

These soaps all contain fruit blends and clays, and use only essential oils making them beautiful, bubbly and natural bars of soap

Our spiced range

Which focuses on using a range of ground and powdered spices to add that little bit extra to your soap. Many of these can be used as exfoliating soaps!

The all rounders!

These soaps contain a range of vegan-friendly key oils and butters, have pretty designs and a range of colours and fragrances!

The super sensitive soap

We have one soap that has been tested and is approved for use on infants due to its manufacturing process (jojoba oil is added late in the making resulting in the conservation of all the goodness of jojoba oil)

Salt soaps

Now these aren’t actually salty as such. Neither are they scratchy! But due to their incredibly high salt content, these bars of soap are incredibly hard making them very long-lasting and perfect for use in showers.

How to look after your soap:

To make sure your soap lasts as long as possible, don’t let the bar sit in puddles of water as the soap will soak it up and soften. Ideally, you store your soap on a nice soap dish (or you get one of our soaps on a rope) and allow it to dry between uses!

All our soaps are cured for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure they last a long time! They come with carefully designed and detailed labels and make stunning gifts!

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