Frequently Asked Questions     & Returns

No, we only use plant-based oils as well as butters for our soaps, such as coconut oil, safflower oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, castor oil, as well as cocoa butter and shea butter. Please check the ingredients list next to each product for exact details.

That really depends on each soap! Some contain fragrance oils, some essential oils. Some contain mica for coloring, others contain clays, spices, ground plants or food ingredients for coloring.

We have soaps containing chocolate, carrots, honey, oats, banana powder, pineapple, berries, apricots… the list goes on and on! We love to keep things natural!

The use of animals to test cosmetic products or any of their ingredients has been banned in the UK and the rest of the EU for years now, so no ingredients are tested on animals.

Unfortunately we are currently too busy with orders from the public to be able to offer wholesale. However, feel free to get in touch should you have a local shop and would like to stock some of our products.

You bet they do! Some of our soaps contain sugar that helps with bubbles, as well as salt that prevents soap leaving residue on your sink/bath.

Others create beautiful lather due to their natural sugars (such as the fruit ones)!

The best you can do to ensure your soap remains nice, solid and long-lasting is to ensure that your soap has a chance to dry between uses. Any soap swimming in water will automatically become softer, so we recommend a soap dish.

Any soap is made using lye otherwise it would not be called ‘soap’. ‘Soap’ relates to ‘saponification’. This is the process during which oils mixed with a lye solution go through to turn into soap. During this process the ingredients are fluid and are poured into a mould. They remain in this mould for about 24 hours during which process saponification happens. After 24 – 48 hours the loaf of soap is cut. At this point the soap is not ready to be used yet as it would sting and burn on your skin. A couple of days later your soap is technically safe to use but is still very soft. Soap is then left to cure for a few weeks up to a few months (depending on ingredients, a pure olive oil soap for example will take a lot longer to cure than many others) to create long-lasting hard bars of soap.

Bath Bombs


All our products have gone through proper testing and are certified by a qualified chemist following UK laws. Our bath bombs contain gentle ingredients that are tolerated widely.


This is most likely due to them containing SLS, which is a surfactant present in many bathroom products (tooth paste, shampoos etc). It can irritate the skin!

Soakind’s bath bombs contain a different surfactant – SLSa. It sounds almost identical but is a naturally-derived, much gentler surfactant.

Here at Soakind we have eczema sufferers, and all tolerate the bath bombs well. However, every eczema sufferer is different and might react differently and we can therefore not make any claims. The use of SLS is often cause of irritation – none of our products contain this. Instead we use a naturally-derived surfactants (SLSa) as well as apricot kernel oil/grapeseed oil/sweet almond oil (depending on which bath bomb) as well as Kaolin clay/Cream of Tartar.

We would advise you to check our ingredient lists for any obvious allergens that might cause problems. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss further!

Of course they can!

All our bath bombs have been tested for safe use for anyone age 3 and above. There has been no specific testing for children under the age of 3 (this is a hugely costly process, unfortunately). That does not make them unsafe for children under the age of 3 but we cannot recommend their use due to the lack of legal testing.

I am afraid that we are not in a position to make these decisions for you. Please do speak to your health advisor and ask them for advice. We have got ingredients lists next to all our products, you might want to show these to them and check!

This really depends but most importantly, we do not use shrink wrap as it goes against our ethos of being plastic-free where possible.

Most of our bath bombs are packaged in tissue paper unless their design calls for clear packaging, in which case we have biodegradable cellophane bags.

Our soaps are wrapped in a paper strip and, where need be, in tissue paper.

Hand balms are in cute little tins!

For safety and out of necessity our bath salts and whipped soaps come in recyclable PET plastic containers.

All our orders that are being posted are lined with pretty tissue paper, and each bath bomb is packaged individually (with labels) as well. We will always make every effort to make any delivery look pretty!

At checkout you can determine a delivery address different to the billing address, and feel free to add a note that you’d like us to include in the parcel!

Every now and then there will be offers – please join our mailing list for this!

We always try and get your orders out as quickly as possible, ideally within 2-3 working days. However, please bear with us, especially during busy periods. Do let us know if you have a very urgent order and we will do everything we can to prioritise if possible!

That is absolutely fine, you are welcome to return your order. However, please bear in mind that all products returned need to be unopened and unused, and you will need to cover return postage.

Should you have any problems with an order please do email us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

We are very sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with us within three working days of receiving the order, sending us photos of the damaged items. We will get back to you as quickly as possible!