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  • Treat yourself to the exotic… Vivid, vibrant colours combine with the rich aroma of tropical mango, to create an unforgettable experience!

    Weight: approx 120g

    Fragrance: Coco Mango

  • Unwind in a beautiful mix of bright pink and turquoise swirls, resulting in a dark purple bath water, and delicious fragrance of Prosecco Raspberry.

    Weight: 110 - 120g

    Fragrance: Prosecco Raspberry

  • A brand-new addition to the family, and an upgrade (we’d like to think!) of the Electric Blue bath bomb.

    If you enjoyed the Electric Blue, you will love this one!

    Stunning blue bath water, foaming bath bomb, gentle ingredients and beautiful mica decorations in black, dark silver and light silver.

    Fragrance: Coco Powder

  • How about this for a special, unique and fun bath bomb!

    Have a little party in the bath tub - works best when the room is darker!

    Drop this fun volcano into the bath, watch it explode (ok, not quite literally but fizz away!) and reveal a light in the centre of the bath bomb that reacts to water and will start flashing in yellow/red/green/blue aternatively!

    The light keeps going for quite some time and stops when it is dry - little tip: don’t leave it lying in the water once no longer needed. Dry it off and it can be reused for more fun another time!

    Fragrance: Funky Monkey