A brand-new addition to our soap range - Honey Oatmeal now available as Soap on a Rope! Previously only available as a solid bar of soap, Honey Oatmeal can now be hung up in the shower or by the sink! It is a perfect way to keep your soap nicely tidied away and without the possibility of sitting in a puddle of water. We have taken our time to source the perfect rope for these soaps: they are ethical, sustainable and eco-logical! It is made from 100% hemp, which is a perfect choice for us due to its environmental benefits compared to other materials. The bar of soap is, as usual, vegan-friendly (there is no actual honey in it, it is the fragrance name) with a range of extra mild plant-based oils and butters. Safflower oil forms the main ingredient, which is known to be an extra mild oil, perfect for sensitive skin.