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  • Think princesses, think fairytales and sugar sprinkles and you've got Sugar Sweet! A super sweet fragrance with a distinctive floral scent of freesia flowers, decorated with sugar sprinkles on top and of course extra gentle from our latest range. And vegan-friendly!
  • Yum!
    If you're a chocolate lover, this soap is for you! As the name suggests, this soap carries a delicious chocolate chip cookie fragrance, and contains the luxurious base ingredients o many of the other Soakind soaps. It is vegan-friendly (no actual chocolate in this soap!), and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Oh what a delicious fragrance this is! A rustic-looking vegan, natural bar of soap from the extra gentle, luxurious soap range.
    Honey, Oatmeal and milk fragrance makes this a very popular bar of soap with a long-lasting scent. Its main ingredient, a high quality Safflower Oil, is known to be very gentle and has therefore been chosen to help extra sensitive skin. In addition, rice bran oil olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and cocoa butter are amongst the luxurious ingredients to make this an absolutely enjoyable bar of soap.
  • From the extra gentle, luxurious soap range With a deep, dark cherry fragrance (some may think of marzipan here!) this vegan-friendly soap is deliciously sweet. Light pink colors with light and dark pink as well as white swirls this artisan soap is a cute addition to any bathroom.