Whipped Soap

Once you’ve tried… you’re hooked!

Our whipped soaps are an absolutely pampering, luxurious soft soap that works beautifully in the shower, as a bath addition, for hand washing and even as an amazing shaving foam!

Whipped soap creates beautiful bubbles, feels so nourishing on the skin and is an absolute must have! Simply scoop out a small amount and apply to wet skin, then wash off. All our latest whipped soaps now come in glass jars – ideally scoop what you need out of the jar beforehand rather than taking the jar into the bath.

Our whipped soaps come in a range of fragrances (essential oils as well as fragrance oils, including allergen free ones) and colours. The are all based on the same key ingredients as well as Kaolin clay, with some containing apricot kernel oil and some grapeseed oil.

Please see the individual product for exact ingredient lists, including allergens.

Some of our allergen-free whipped soaps are Mermaid’s Tale and Watermelon.

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